What does VIX Index have to do with Condo Sales?

21 July 2009

The answer is nothing! The stock market has become a game and has little to do with investing in public companies anymore. Instead of buying/investing, you can 'short', buy derivatives, and just about any index. The VIX index lets you BET - oops invest in the volatility of a stock market e.g. the TSE or Dow Jones over a twelve month period. If that isn't something straight out of Vegas, I don't know what is!

My point is that you can play games with your money or you can invest in real tangible assets. The attraction to real estate (besides your personal control) is that your property will produce rental income that can pay down the mortgage on the property over time and then there is capital appreciation over the same period which is the bonus!

Real estate is not a short term play but rather a long term strategy that will build wealth and security for any individual.