Are Condo Prices Sustainable?

31 March 2010

Whenever a market is performing well, there are always people ready to downplay the results. Last weekend the Toronto Star ran an article showing how cheap Florida real estate was in comparison to the Toronto market.

Government Trying to Put a Fork in the Real Estate Market

17 March 2010

My last rant – I mean blog on mortgages pointed out the fact that the Federal Government had introduced new rules for CMHC Mortgages. One of the new rules coming into force for April 19 was that borrowers had to qualify at the five year mortgage rate, regardless of the term of the mortgage for which they were applying. But no one knew which five year rate to use.

Do You Want to Lead or Follow the Real Estate Market

03 March 2010

I have just read another article by so called economists who present themselves as real estate experts. Now they are telling us that 'seasonally adjusted' real estate sales were lower in January across Canada.