New Condos Versus Resale Condos, Which is Better to Buy?

23 September 2010

The whole focus of media today is whether buying a condo is a good investment or not. Since real estate investment has outperformed the stock market in the last ten years, investment gurus have been desperate to down play real estate (vested interest?) and try to outdo each other with predictions of a real estate bubble.

Pros and Cons of Selling Assignments

19 September 2010

ROS AND CONS TO SELLING BEFORE REGISTRATION - ASSIGNMENT: 1. The 'first buyer' will save the Land Transfer Tax with a transfer of their 'interest'. 2. The 'first buyer' will usually have to pay either an admin or transfer fee to the developer for the right to transfer their 'interest'.

New Condo Market is Changing in Toronto

14 September 2010

 While new condo developments continue to sell out, the buyer mix is changing. Developers think they know their buyers but they don’t! Most buyers for new projects are brought in by real estate agents – they don’t just show up at the new sales centre.

4 Reasons Why Economists Can't Forecast the Real Estate Market

10 September 2010

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘NATIONAL’ REAL ESTATE MARKET Economists like to talk about a national market because it makes good media copy. Unfortunately, the last time we checked, housing is not a moveable product. And people don’t move across Canada much either

If You Want to Lose Money In Real Estate, Follow Baby Boomer Media!

09 September 2010

On Monday we were saturated in the newspapers and on TV by forecasts of a 10% decline in real estate values which would then be followed by a stagnant real estate market for the next few years. This delivered from the mouths of bank economists.