Forget About New Year's Resolutions-Focus on Five Keys to Grow your Business

18 January 2012

1) How good is your Contact Management System? You need a 100 people – not names but people who you have qualified that have used you or will use you in the future! TO HELP: Two FREE options: you can use TREB – enter people as Contacts first, and then Prospects. Or use RE/MAX Condos WolfConnect.

2) Do you have a computerized Listing and Buyer Presentation in today’s market? TO HELP: Two FREE options: you can go to the RE/MAX Design Centre and get a Power Point Presentation or you can go to RE/MAX MainStreet for the i Pad Application.

3) Can you present the difference between Client and Customer Service? TO HELP: Prepare a comparison of obligations and benefits. Done right, 90% of potential buyers and sellers will choose agency. Many of you are providing implied client service without getting a Buyer or Listing Agreement signed.

4) Have you a Mobile Web Strategy? TO HELP: Two FREE options: RE/MAX Condos owns the mobile key words: ‘condos’ and ‘freeholds’ which provide access to all listings with the listing agent receiving the lead. RE/MAX Condos has also launched mobile micro sites for each agent. These are mobile sites with an address of: People coming to these sites can access all our listings but only through the agent whose site they visit.

5) Use the right forms.

TO HELP: Do NOT use the new OREA Condo Assignment Agreement #141. The price on #141 is the reimbursement of deposits plus the price difference and NOT the value of the property which will cost you commission (use the Agreement of Purchase and Sale with appropriate Assignment Schedules). For Posted Listings, you do not need a ‘Seller Commission Agreement with Co-Operating Brokerage for a Listed Property’ signed first. Just include in your Offer: ‘The Seller agrees to compensate the Buyer 2.5 per cent plus HST of the sale price through the proceeds of the sale in order to satisfy the Buyer's contractual agreement with the Buyer\'s agent/brokerage known as RE/MAX CONDOS PLUS CORP., Brokerage. The Seller hereby irrevocably authorizes and directs his Solicitor to pay such amounts directly to RE/MAX CONDOS PLUS CORP., Brokerage out of the sale proceeds before making any payment to the Seller from such sale proceeds.’