What Buyers Want from Realtors

31 July 2013

As Realtors focus on listings, they are constantly improving their Listing Presentation Package. Many have even gone to a Pre-Listing Package, delivered to the seller before the Presentation itself. This is all critical to positioning ourselves and our services to potential clients to justify our worth and the commissions we charge. But what do we do when we meet potential buyers? Of course we all pull out the Working With a Realtor Brochure and explain agency and customer service. Many of us also have a Buyer Presentation Package with a Needs Analysis. However, as sales people, most of us miss the point of our Presentation to Buyers. What do we emphasize? The ability to find the right property or the ability to negotiate the best price? Surprise, surprise, a recent survey of U.S. buyers (and I would guess that Canadian buyers are the same) ranked the ability to find the property and negotiate the price at #4 and #5 respectively. What was #1 for buyers? Explaining and discussing the buying process. How many Realtors take the time to explain all the steps involved (again showing the Realtor’s value) and what tasks they will be performing for the buyer. Again this is where the discussion on Buyer Agency or Customer Service should be introduced and your relationship cemented.