An Agent is Known by the Car They Drive

25 September 2013

Everyone knows that a person will make a decision NOT to deal with you within the first twenty seconds. First impressions are not just important but critical! That also applies to the car you drive!

Why is it that most agents feel compelled to drive either a BMW or a Mercedes, or even something more exotic?

The public does not know it is probably leased or if you are having trouble with the monthly payments!! If you talk to the public, they all think that agents make way too much money and negotiating the commission becomes top of mind! When you arrive in an expensive car, you reinforce their view and you can bet you will get the commission argument.

Years ago when I was selling franchises, I met with the owner of a brokerage in Brandon Manitoba. The owner was also the top selling salesperson of farms in Southern Manitoba and charged 6-10%. He was well off! He told me that he only owned and drove a Chevrolet! That is what all his clients drove and used - Chevie products. If he showed up in the farm yard within anything else, his clients would be reluctant to deal with him and would think he was making way too much money, which he was. He went on to say his car was never older than two years (after all you need to show you are successful) and he added lots of options bringing the price up to close to that of a Cadillac – but it did not have the Cadillac emblem!   We all could learn a lesson from that broker.

Make sure your car is fairly new and it relates to the clients you serve. If not, be prepared to work for less or perhaps not to get the deal at all!