Rating Real Estate Agents

11 February 2015

Today I want to talk about rating Real Estate Agents. Rating sites have been around for a number of years, and not just for restaurants, movies and travel. Now you can go online and check out doctors, lawyers and other professions, but not Real Estate Agents. Realtors have always resisted public comparisons. Real Estate Boards can’t do it, they represent all of their members, but the tech start ups are coming, and they will enter this space, just like they have done in the U.S. with Zillow and Trulia. In fact, Zillow has a site that has received half a million reviews of real estate agents in just the last year.

The Real Estate business has always been based on repeat and referral business for top agents. However, Millennials, those people under 35, are just as likely to check out ratings online, than just rely on a referral from a friend. So if top agents want to maintain their current business, then they will have to learn to compete in the ratings game in order to retain the repeat and referral business they have built up over the years.