Lead Generation

25 February 2015

"To most agents, the 'hot button' in real estate is not Client Satisfaction but Lead Generation"

Now I find that no one wants to do it but everyone wants to receive the results! Gone are the days of door knocking and cold calling – especially true in condos where they won’t let you walk the halls and most residents survive on call phones and not land lines.

Most Lead Generation focuses on Internet leads. The problem with these leads is that many are unqualified, and most require months of nurturing. How many nurturing agents do you know?

But did you know that the number source for Lead Generation is Repeat and Referral Business? For busy agents, that number is 76% of their total business. But when you ask an agent where they spend their time and resources, the answer is very different. They spend little time and less money building and servicing a client data base. So why is a newly found client better than an existing client?

It is easy to build a client base. Just talk to people. Just ask them one simple question: if you had to buy a property tomorrow do you have an agent you would use? If the answer is yes, move on. If the answer is no (which it is 50% of the time), then say: I know you are interested in real estate. How would you feel if I sent you some information from time to time on the market and perhaps I can show you my knowledge and perhaps you might consider me in the future?