Discount Brokers

11 March 2015

Today's saying is "Buy through me, and list for free!"

My pet peeve today is Discount Brokers. Today's saying is "Buy through me, and list for free". That sounds like two for one pizza to me!

If an agent has no business, than doing one deal and another for free may make some sense, but what about top agents, would they offer this program? Top agents are already busy working over 50 hours per week. The only thing top agents would be doing is cutting their income in half. How many people would volunteer to cut their income in half? Not you! Not anyone! So now you have two choices when selling your property, work with an agent that has not shown a property in months, or someone who is successful in the real estate business. There is a reason why discount brokers go out of business, they don't have any good agents. Who remembers MinCom, Realty Sellers and Savvy Real Estate? If you can't remember, I've just made my point.