Timing the Real Estate Market

11 March 2015

Experts tell you that you can't time the stock market. Those same experts will also tell you that you CAN time the Real Estate Market. So how can you do that?

Unlike stock markets, real estate markets move slower over time. If stocks can go down by 10 percent in a day, real estate will take at least a year. You will never know the peak or trough in this market for at least 6 months after the fact. So What do you do?

Real Estate is a Long Term Investment

Five years or more and you will always make money.

Always Stay Invested

If you rent and the market increases, you lose. If you buy and the market rises, you win! That's pretty simple, but if you buy and the market falls, all the real estate falls at the same time. Here's the trick, more expensive properties will fall faster than cheaper properties. So the best time to upgrade is always when the market is falling, so you will win too.

Over time I have never met a person who has lost money owning real estate over ten years. However, I have met a lot of people who have lost money in the stock market.