How Much Do Realtors Really Make

20 May 2015

Everyone wants to be a Real Estate Agent today. Why?

When people think Real Estate they think big commissions and easy work. Well, last year in the  Toronto Real Estate Board they had 42,000 agents. Did you know that 25,000 of them did two sale ends or less in 2014? Now, each sale transaction has two sides, a Listing Agent and a Selling Agent and they split the commission on the property. Sometimes an agent will be on both sides, meaning they get the full commission. So yes, there are some agents who make some money, but most make no money after expenses. They are part timers or at best, a do-it-yourselfer.

So what's the message for sellers and buyers?

Your first question should not be "What is your commission fee?" but "How many properties have you sold last year" Who do you want working for you?

So what's the message for agents?

Either go all in, that's 50 plus hours per week of work, or don't waste your time and those of serious  buyers and sellers.