What is Form 801

29 July 2015

Starting July 1st, Real estate agents are required to keep all offers on properties they list for sale for a period of one year, that’s Bill 55. Next the Ontario Real Estate Association decided to introduce the form 801 to make things easier for all agents.

Will the Pan Am Village Impact the Condo Market

15 July 2015

Today everyone is talking about the Pan Am Games, but I want to talk about the Pan Am Village and how these condos will impact the overall condo market.

Will the Toronto Condo Market Slow Down?

01 July 2015

More and more people keep asking me, “When will the Toronto real estate market slow down? Will we have a price correction?” If you are Garth Turner, a correction has been about to happen for the last few years. If you bet on that horse, you would still be renting.