Don't be a Secret Agent: Why Social Media is IMportant in Real Estate

16 September 2015

This week, Inside the Real Estate Market, I want to discuss social media in real estate. Not how to do it, there are plenty of trainers and programs for that, but why?

If we want to be recognized as a top agent, we must engage in social media. There is more information on real estate than any other industry on social media, from listings, to agent promotion. After all, we are the mobile generation. That's how we get our information and that's how we communicate with each other, on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. With real estate agents, no one is more mobile than they are. Realtors are never in the office, they're always in the car, on appointments and they even learned how to do the majority of their business by smart phone.

So how can one be informed as an agent in today's real estate market if you are not on social media? How do you promote yourself? If you want to know who are the top agents in your market place, just check out social media.

No one wants to be a secret agent.