What is Fueling the Toronto Real Estate Market

30 September 2015

The number one question we are always asked is why is the Toronto real estate market continuing to roll along and be so strong?

The obvious answer is a continuous population growth. There are a million more people in the GTA since 2007. Most of them want to live in central Toronto and this has continued to fuel sales. There is also a second, less obvious reason. Stock markets and stock market volatility have not been kind to investors; hence more and more people want to invest in real estate. It’s funny, but North Americans think of real estate as just buying a place to live in, but people from other parts of the world believe in real estate as a great place to store wealth and earn consistent returns over a long period of time.

Toronto is an international city; we attract investors from all over the world. We also see that first generation Canadians have a bigger appetite for real estate than people who have lived in Toronto for years and have taken it for granted. This change in the mix of Torontonians has also had a big impact on our market place.