Why Condos are Better for the Small Investor

28 October 2015

While most of our blog posts center on buying a place to live in, this week we want to talk about investing in real estate instead, specifically, why condos are better for the small investor than a detached house. There are four reasons for this;

1.First, condos are cheaper than houses. You can buy one for less than half the price of a house.

2. Secondly, condos are better for renting. There is a bigger pool of renters and people renting condos move 12 months of the year and not just in June and September.

3.  There is less maintenance to worry about for a landlord. As a condo landlord, are liable for only the appliances. For houses, there are furnaces, roofs, and shoveling snow. Yes, it is the landlord's, not the tenant’s responsibility for shoveling snow and the same goes for grass cutting.

4.  Finally, if you buy a pre-construction condo, you can spread the minimum down payment of 20% over two or more years, not just up front.

So if you consider these factors, It is obvious that investing in a condo is the preferred choice for small investors.