Flipping Properties

25 November 2015

Flipping properties happens when you buy a property and sell it before you actually take title or own the property.

2016 Outlook on Canadian Mortgage Rates

11 November 2015

The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has indicated that they will be raising their lending rate in December. A number of experts are telling the public that this is the start of a climb back to significantly higher interest rates.

Rental Guarantees for New Condo Developm

04 November 2015

This week Inside the Real Estate Market I want to talk about rental guarantees for new condo developments. This is the latest trend offered by developers. Usually how it works is a developer will pay the buyer somewhere around 6% per year of the purchase price for a period of two years

Is Your Company Brand Important

02 November 2015

All agents seem to think that the key to success lies in ‘personal branding’. Forgotten is the importance of your Company’s brand.