Is Your Company Brand Important

02 November 2015

All agents seem to think that the key to success lies in ‘personal branding’. Forgotten is the importance of your Company’s brand.

I am reminded of a meeting I had with an agent who had passed the 100K  plateau and was nearing the end of his second year. He was explaining to me how all his presentations – both  listing and buyer – were all about helping the customer and selling them on why he was the best person to meet their needs. He told me that the Company never came up for discussion so why did he need the Company or for that matter me?

I asked him two questions: first, did he introduce himself with his business card; and secondly, how long was his presentation? He said, of course he gave them his card and the presentation lasted about 40 minutes. I then asked him what would happen if he put down a card with ‘No-Name’ Realty? He looked at me and I said: you will now spend the first 10 minutes of your presentation explaining who ‘No-Name’ Realty is. Then you will have to further explain why, if you are a top agent, that you are working at a ‘No-Name’ company and not at a top brand such as RE/MAX. There goes another 10 minutes and still you have not sold them on your abilities.

I do know that when one of our agents puts their business card down in front of a customer, the customer already knows our Company and they think our agent is an expert. I tell my agents, only you can screw up the presentation from that point. And you will have the full 40 minutes to do it – not the 20 minutes or less that the ‘No-Name’ agent will have to convince the customer. So what is that worth to you?