Part Time Real Estate Agents

04 May 2016

Part Time Real Estate Agents, they exist in our industry but how do we define them?

Most people think that part-time real estate agents are those with a second job. Not me, I judge an agent on their production and time commitments. I expect someone to invest at least 40 hours a week in the business. We have agents who have another job but still spend 40 hours a week on real estate. Then, there are agents who do not have another job but only spend about 20 hours a week on real estate, and they only do a few deals each year. Those are the agents I would call part-time agents.You can tell who they are because they have a spouse who makes a lot of money, they inherited family money, or they retired with a big pension.

In most jobs you retire and leave. In real estate you can retire and stay. We call them Part-Time Agents