The Problem with Dual Agency

30 November 2016

Dual Agency seems to be today's hot topic. Most people think it occurs when a Sales Person represents both Buyer and Seller. In realty it occurs when one or more different Sales People from the same Brokerage represent the Buyer and the Seller. When there are different Sales People from the same Brokerage involved, we should really rename this, Designated Agency. This is where RECO, The Real Estate Council of Ontario, should step in and introduce new rules to cover each case. The other problem is that a Sales Person acting in Dual Agency knows all of the offers submitted. Under the Real Estate and Business Broker's Act, you could only disclose the number of the offers and who are the Sales People presenting these offers. Why not change the rules?

Who Regulates Realtors®?

16 November 2016

Recently, the media has pointed the finger at unscrupulous Realtors® in terms of self-dealing and unethical behavior. They want change and they point the finger at self-regulation. RECO, The Real Estate Council of Ontario was established to enforce the real estate and business brokers act and to deal with consumer complaints. It was set up by the Ontario government supposedly to provide self-regulation. In reality the government just out-sourced the cost of regulation onto the shoulders of salespeople and brokerages. Today, 6 out of 9 directors are appointed by the Government. Realtors® elect only 3. All RECO employees are government employees. Realtors® have no say on hires and Realtors have to say on introducing new regulations. So, if the public wants change, don't blame realtors, blame the Ontario Government for inaction. Read More

Toronto Market Report October-November 2016

10 November 2016

September sales followed a similar pattern to previous months. Sales were 21% higher than in September of 2015.