Can You Believe How Few Sales Most Agents Do?

30 January 2017

When the public tries to negotiate the commission down or tries to get a buyer rebate, their assumption is that all agents are the same. If all Agents were the same, then picking the agent who agreed to your request would net you the most money, but they are not!

Did you know in 2016, there were 48,000 agents in the Toronto Real Estate Board?

Did you know almost 13,000 agents did not do even a single sales end? And, there are two sales ends to ever sale, a list end and a buyer end.

Did you know 25,000 agents, or over half the members of the Toronto Real Estate Board, did two sale ends or less in 2016?

These are the agents that will offer you the type of deals you're looking for. Who do you want to represent your interests when buying or selling a property in Toronto? Do you really want someone who offers to save you a couple thousand dollars but only works part time?