The Problem with 'Double Ending'

31 May 2017

'Double ending' seems to be a bad term in the real estate industry today.  Do you know there is no legal term for 'double ending', but rather it is called Dual Agency? That occurs when both the buyer and the seller are given agency service and represented by the same agent. The problem is the agent is defined as the brokerage company, and not a salesperson. Consider a brokerage/company with 1000 sales people. If one salesperson represents a seller and a second sales person, in the same company,  represents the buyer (he may not even know the second salesperson), you then have Dual Agency.

Most people think that 'double ending' is the same salesperson working both ends of the same transaction. Funny, people only object when the same salesperson is involved on both sides when there are multiple offers. In many parts of Ontario a salesperson working both ends is commonplace, but then those parts of Ontario do not get into multiple offer scenarios very often.

Seems to be the problem is better solved by policing multiple offers rather than try to define Dual Agency.