Should Double Ending Deals be Banned?

04 October 2017

The biggest concern among agents is, the Government thinking about eliminating the double-ending of sales in real estate. Double-ending occurs when the same agent lists and then sells the property to a buyer. On the surface, it seems to make sense, but in reality, it does not work.

What we are telling a buyer, is that he can no longer choose his own agent, that sounds like a dictatorship to me. Think about it, you've used the same agent for three straight transactions and you have trusted them. They list a property, which is exactly what you want to buy. You contact them, and they tell you, "go find another agent". To get around the law, they refer you to another Realtor®. They know the agent and they'll earn a referral fee too. You just make the problem more complicated than it needs to be.

I know there can be problems with an agent on both sides of a transaction, but that occurs in a multiple offer scenario, and we've already talked about just disclosing the contents of all offers to all buyers and you'll solve the problem.

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