Predicting the Peak in the Real Estate Market

26 October 2017

Everyone wants to know when is the peak or the bottom of a market. That's when you sell or buy and supposedly make the most money. For years, investment companies have been touting how they can pick the top and bottom of the stock market, and no one has succeeded. This has not stopped people who think they can predict the top and the bottom of the real estate market. Twitter is full of these self-appointed experts.

Here is what I do know.

In real estate, just relying on monthly statistics is not an answer. They are usually 30-60 days late and they look at the simple stats like average prices and sales volume for the market. What you need is for someone to track daily activities, starting with appointments (that's buyers), new listings (that's sellers), and sales in real time. You need to rely on a sophisticated real estate brokerage company who has all the information and is willing to share it with you.

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