3 Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

30 November 2017

I get more calls asking for "Who is your best agent?" from potential clients, looking for someone to help them and from other agents wanting to refer a client to an agent. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a "best" agent. For example, best listing agents know staging and setting up the property for maximum value They're great at taking pictures, videos, marketing the property and getting key promotion, and also, they know how to set the exact right list price.

On the other hand, best buyer agents, have an understanding of what you want. They know how to find the right property for you. They know how to negotiate the very best deal and they have time to visit all the properties with you. We have not even considered that agents specialize by area, by property type, and even client style.

So, what do I think are the keys for finding the best agent for you?

  • Do they have the time for you? To do all the things necessary to give you great service.
  • Do they relate to you? As an agent, are you one the same wave length?
  • Do they have the knowledge for the property you are either selling or buying?

Notice how I never said, "Do they do the most sales?"

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