How Do You Find Out How Many Offers There were on a Property You Bid On

25 May 2018
Form 801

Dealing with multiple offers can create additional stress and paperwork, for not only the buyers, but the agents as well. Those people who are not successful have to start the search process all over again.  And for the buyer who has won, they often wonder if there were other offers besides theirs.

That's why with every offer today, the listing agent asks for form 801. It's a form that summarizes the names of the buyer, the co-op agent, and their brokerage. Those forms are held by the listing agent. So, when any buyer wants to know how many offers there really were, you don't get to see Form 801, instead you must file a request to RECO. RECO then investigates and reports back to the buyer on just how many offers there were. Sounds like a lot of work, and a make work project for RECO.

Why not just send Form 801 to all eligible buyers who request it in writing? Well, it's something to do with the privacy act. However, I'm sure all buyers involved would agree to have their names released if requested.

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