Why Real Estate is a Better Investment than RRSPs

26 June 2018

Real Estate is a better investment than RRSPs

First buy your principle residence as soon as you can. Selling your principle residence is the only tax-free investment you can ever make in this country. But, if you buy an RRSP, lets say $10,000 a year for 30 years at 5%, will get you $725,000. Which translates to a pension of $36,000 a year, and you pay tax on that, and you start to get this money in 30 years.

The trick is to buy 3 properties over your working life. Make sure each property has positive cash flow, that's after the mortgage payment. At current mortgage rates, only half your payment is interest and the balance goes to pay the mortgage down. So with a 20% down payment, if your property appreciates at only 3% per year, your equity is growing at 15%-that's leverage.

You can have tenants paying off all your mortgages and you can have your properties increasing over time. So, I ask you, you do the math, what would you do?

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