What is the Role of a Real Estate Agent When Renting

26 July 2018
what is the role of a real estate agent when renting

The biggest problems in real estate today seem to center around leasing.

That's because Landlords and Tenants forget, or don't know the role of the real estate agent. The agent who represents the tenant is responsible for finding and showing the property, negotiating the offer, providing background information such as a rental application, a letter of employment or income verification and a credit bureau report. Once the keys are exchanged and the tenant moves in, the agent has discharged their duty.

But what if the Landlord decides the Tenant is not acceptable? They made the choice to accept them. What happens if the Tenant finds something wrong with the unit? They made the decision to accept the unit. So that's all between the Landlord and Tenant. If they cannot agree, then they should go to the government owned Rental Tribunal. It was set up with our taxes to handle these issues.

Why do they go back to the real estate agent to fix the problem? Some how or other, they feel they are not responsible for their own decisions and the real estate agent who doesn't own or live in the property should fix it for them.

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