Part Time Agents

09 November 2018

As of October 4th, Winnipeg Realtors can now have another job aside from selling real estate after members of WinnipegRealtors approved an amendment to a longstanding bylaw. The Winnipeg Real Estate Board was the last board in Canada that banned part-time agents from membership. They recently changed to comply with Federal Laws that prohibit this type of practice. Now,  all real estate boards in Canada have part-time agents as members.

Is that a good or a bad thing?

Most people think that part-time refers to agents who have another paying job. That’s not my definition. I believe that any agent who does not devote 40 hours per week to real estate is part time. There are lots of agents who are retired with pensions, have family money, or a partner that makes big income. Those agents just dabble in real estate, they are part-time. I also know people who have a second job, and make over $100,000 a year from real estate. I don’t call them ‘part time’ I call them professionals.

If you need to hire an agent, find out how active they are in the market.  The more active, the more transactions. You know that these agents know market prices, know where the product is, and know how to negotiate on behalf of their clients.