What Does Irrevocable Mean?

23 July 2019

I just had an agent try and cancel an offer made to our client. As I explained to him, the front page of the Agreement states that 'this offer is irrevocable until a specified time'.

The agent said to me, "I am revoking my irrevocable offer because I do not want to be in a multiple offer situation".

I said, "The seller already has your offer. That's like saying, I know I lost the game, but let's do a make-over".

Irrevocable means just that, when you make an offer, it's out there, until the time it expires. I had one agent tell me that he often makes two or three offers at the same time! I asked him, "What happens when two or more offers are accepted?". He looked at me dumb faced. I said, "your client has to go through with both of them. And as a professional, you will be sued in the process." that

If your agent doesn't know what irrevocable means, then change agents.

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