What makes a Great Real Estate Sales Person

05 November 2019

What makes for a great real estate sales person. It's the way they are wired. Tom Peters, a business guru, explains it this way, "most people think and act in a logical fashion, just like firing a gun. Ready, Aim, Fire." The problem with "ready, aim" is that most people keep aiming and they never pull the trigger. They just go "Aim, Aim". There is always something to fix or adjust to. Just think accountants and engineers.

A great sales person goes "Ready, Fire!" They only aim when they miss. A great real estate sales person gets the offer ready, then presents. You only go to aim when you get a counter offer. However, there is a danger with some sales people too. They just "Fire, Fire!" That's a forerunner for legal problems.

So the next time you interview a Real Estate Sales Person to get the job done. Remember to test them for their make up or psyche.

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