The Benefits of Real Estate Agent Incorporation

12 November 2019

Do you know the most profitable part of the real estate industry? Individual agents, brokerages or teams? The answer may surprise you.


That's why all successful agents want to build teams, making teams the fastest growing segment. The long-term success of teams is really focused on Agent Incorporation. A leader should incorporate to take advantage of the following benefits.

Tax Savings

Why pay 53% on the last dollar earned when you can pay only 12%.

Income Splitting

The Government dislikes individuals hiring family members, but not corporations.


With your own brokerage, you get to hire and pay agents on the splits you set.


At the end of the day you have an asset you can sell. Not a database. And when you sell shares in your corporation, $850,000 can be tax free.

At the same time, many agents do not understand the difference between a personal service corporation and a legitimate small business. Several provinces are misleading Real Estate Agents with the carrot of Incorporation, but they are only offering the personal service corporation. There are no longer any tax advantages with this type of corporation. To qualify for all the benefits described previously, you need a small business corporation.

Most agents are not very good at paying bills and doing admin. They're best at sales and that's where they should focus their efforts. So, agents that want to incorporate should meet with Brokerages that can handle all of the backend stuff including bank reconciliations and dealing with Government regulators.

The focus should not be on cost, but deliverable services to the agent. You know, we already have 13 agent incorporations with our brokerage and have 4 more under negotiation. So, we know what we're talking about.

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