3 New Mortgage Rule Changes Starting January 2018

01 November 2017

OSFI (The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) has implemented 3 new mortgage rule changes starting January 1, 2018

What They Don't Tell you About Getting a Mortgage for a New Rental Condo

24 October 2012

Everyone gets excited when they buy a new condo from a developer on day one. Over the next few years it appreciates nicely. Now you are ready to close and rent it out. You apply for a mortgage and then the fun begins!

Dispelling the Fear About Rising Mortgage Rates

20 June 2012

The experts, led by the Bank of Canada, have been telling the public that when interest rates rise by 2or 3%, we will all be losing our real estate properties. But before we jump off that bridge we need to look at what the interest rate market is telling us about future rates.

Impact of the New CMHC Mortgage Lending Rules on Condo Market

19 January 2011

More changes have been made by the Federal Government  to CMHC lending practices. Note that these rules do not apply to mortgages that are conventional (under 80%). The first change is to mortgage refinancing. Now existing owners can only refinance to 85% from 90% previously.

Feds Announce Changes to Mortgage Rules

24 February 2010

Changes announced by the Federal Finance Dept. are intended to ensure that the real estate market does not experience a crash because they fear that the public has overextended themselves in terms of their mortgage commitments.