2019 Pricing Predictions for Toronto Real Estate

24 January 2019

Looking at the GTA we broke down our forecast of price by changes in geography, property type, and price range. Here's our look at what you can expect for prices in 2019 in the GTA, starting from the strongest to weakest markets.

Where Have all the First-Time Buyers Gone?

30 August 2018

We keep focusing on the biggest challenge with our current real estate market: a lack of first time buyers. Where did they go, and why?

Why Small Condos are the Hottest in Toronto Real Estate Right Now

08 May 2018

Why are small condos the hottest segment of our Toronto real estate market today? Prices are now at $1000 per sq.ft. At the same time, bigger units can be had for about $800 per sq.ft.

Average Price: The Worst Statistic in Real Estate

12 October 2017

One of the worst statistics in Real is average prices. First, there is no such thing as an average house or property. Secondly, there is no such thing as an average location. Average prices also have another major problem. It assumes that the mix of sales is the same over time, and that never happens.

The Luxury Condo Market

29 September 2017

Since April, the hottest real estate market in Toronto has been luxury condo sales. In 2016, the highest price for a condo was 6.5 million. This year, the highest priced condo was 11 million. Did you know, sales over 1 million dollars for condos are 86% higher in 2017 than for the same period last year. In contrast, the overall market is down by 16%. So why the sudden interest?

How are Low Mortgage Rates Affecting Buyers?

26 August 2015

As you know mortgage rates have fallen as low as 0.5 per cent. As lending rates have decreased, lending criteria and documentation has become tougher from our lenders.

GDP Numbers and the Real Estate Market

19 August 2015

This week I want to veer slightly off Real Estate and talk about the relevance of government statistics and how it should not impact our real estate decisions.

Will the Pan Am Village Impact the Condo Market

15 July 2015

Today everyone is talking about the Pan Am Games, but I want to talk about the Pan Am Village and how these condos will impact the overall condo market.

Will the Toronto Condo Market Slow Down?

01 July 2015

More and more people keep asking me, “When will the Toronto real estate market slow down? Will we have a price correction?” If you are Garth Turner, a correction has been about to happen for the last few years. If you bet on that horse, you would still be renting.

Toronto's Million Dollar Houses

03 June 2015

Toronto's Million Dollar Homes (And What it Means) It's official, the average price of a detached house in the City of Toronto is now over One million dollars!