Feds Announce Changes to Mortgage Rules

24 February 2010

Changes announced by the Federal Finance Dept. are intended to ensure that the real estate market does not experience a crash because they fear that the public has overextended themselves in terms of their mortgage commitments.

Competition Bureau Gets Into Real Estate

09 February 2010

The Competition Bureau has decided that real estate needs more competition and lower fees. They have not said if that will affect service but they are sure that is what consumers want. The proof will be sometime in the future

Assignments New Option for Condo Buyers

27 January 2010

With a lack of condo listings, potential buyers are often forced into 'multiple offer' scenarios. And who can blame them for not liking the situation. Another option is looking at the Assignment Market.

Dealing with a Discount Real Estate Broker

30 December 2009

This month our Company completed our first deal with a discount broker from out of town. They were members of the Toronto Real Estate Board and so had listed a condo townhouse for sale that one of my salespeople showed to her client.

Toronto Real Estate Sales up 20%, Can it Last?

14 October 2009

Now that 2009 sales have beat the experts again, these same experts are now telling us 'it cannot last'! Remember they missed the bottom of the market in February ( we called it in early April), then the spring market was simply deemed the 'false up' and the fall market would just drop back

One Bloor Condo Uncertainty

30 September 2009

Will One Bloor be built or not? Who cares, except for investors who believe this will be the definitive condo in Toronto. Now that 15-20 floors are to be lopped off, if it is ever built, the project is fast losing its luster.


Can Toronto Condo Market Support New York Prices?

11 September 2009

A recent report by Prudential Douglas Elliman looked at Manhattan studio (bachelor) prices from 2002-2011. It found that in the Upper East Side, the average size was 478 square feet and the average price was $739 per square foot.

Condo Market Looks Good for All

09 September 2009

August numbers are out from the Toronto Real Estate Board. Sales were just over 8,000 units -27% higher than August '08. For September, we are forecasting 7,500+ units. Compare that to 6400 units in September '08 and 6,900 units in September '07 ( the record sales year on TREB).

Start Comparing Real Estate Market to 2007 and not 2008!

11 August 2009

All year we have been looking at sales statistics in comparison to last year - 2008. With July sales 28% higher than the same month last year, and year-to date- sales almost dead even, it is a certainty that this year's sales will outperform 2008 by year end. Last year the market started to collapse by the end of September and the signs were already telling by that time. We had 26,000 active listings and we added 15,000 new listings that July.

What does VIX Index have to do with Condo Sales?

21 July 2009

The answer is nothing! The stock market has become a game and has little to do with investing in public companies anymore. Instead of buying/investing, you can 'short', buy derivatives, and just about any index