If You Want to Lose Money In Real Estate, Follow Baby Boomer Media!

09 September 2010

On Monday we were saturated in the newspapers and on TV by forecasts of a 10% decline in real estate values which would then be followed by a stagnant real estate market for the next few years. This delivered from the mouths of bank economists.

Why are We Not Surprised That The Real Estate Market is Slowing?

25 August 2010

emember when the economy was growing nicely in the first quarter of the year and everyone was excited? Now the economy has stalled and we have net job losses in July! What’s the problem you ask?

Condo Sales is a Twelve Month a Year Business

18 August 2010

This market is a hard one to read. What we do know is that there are a lot of listings on the Toronto Real Estate Board and the biggest surplus sits in the downtown condo market! We also know that there are a lot of buyers sitting on the sidelines – waiting for the good deals to appear

Global Real Estate Markets-How Can We Compare

26 May 2010

The Scotiabank Group has just released a study on housing markets around the world for the First Quarter of 2010. While I personally hate average prices and price changes by country (I am a much more of a micro type – condos in particular),

Where is the Condo Market Heading

12 May 2010

Everyone thinks the condo and Toronto real estate markets will end come July 1st. Not so! The market is already changing now – ahead of July 1st

Why Banks Want to Slow Down the Real Estate/Condo Market

14 April 2010

While most people place the blame, or credit, for CMHC changes to lending practices scheduled for April 19 with the Finance Dept., it was really the banks who lobbied for tighter rules. Making buyers qualify at the posted five year mortgage rate seemed straight forward (buyers were already being qualified at the three year rate previously)

Why Condos are Best for Pensions

14 April 2010

Pensions are becoming a hot item as baby boomers start to retire and soon figure out that they have not saved or accumulated enough assets to retire. The real problem is that people cannot save enough to retire and if you do not have a defined benefit plan – read government and teachers – you are screwed!!

Can Real Estate and Condo Prices Really Fall by 20%

07 April 2010

Just read the article in the Saturday Star where an economist predicted that prices could fall by up to 20% later this year. I am embarrassed to admit that I am also an economist by training but a Realtor by profession

Are Condo Prices Sustainable?

31 March 2010

Whenever a market is performing well, there are always people ready to downplay the results. Last weekend the Toronto Star ran an article showing how cheap Florida real estate was in comparison to the Toronto market.

Government Trying to Put a Fork in the Real Estate Market

17 March 2010

My last rant – I mean blog on mortgages pointed out the fact that the Federal Government had introduced new rules for CMHC Mortgages. One of the new rules coming into force for April 19 was that borrowers had to qualify at the five year mortgage rate, regardless of the term of the mortgage for which they were applying. But no one knew which five year rate to use.