What does VIX Index have to do with Condo Sales?

21 July 2009

The answer is nothing! The stock market has become a game and has little to do with investing in public companies anymore. Instead of buying/investing, you can 'short', buy derivatives, and just about any index

Immigrants Drive GTA and Condo Sales

15 July 2009

A recent study by Scotiabank says that new immigrants will be an important driver of the housing industry, particularly in cities such as Toronto. The study was based on information from the MOST RECENT CENSUS in 2006 which is just now getting released! And it is now appearing in newspapers.

When will this Condo Market Slow Down?

11 June 2009

June will be a record month for sales this year. Multiple Offers on just about every single listing under $400,000 is the norm! When will it slow down?

Condo Market is Strong but is this the 'False Up'?

03 June 2009

As condo sales start to accelerate, doubters can no longer deny that the market is crashing. Instead the doom and gloomers are now calling this just a 'false up'. In other words, they want you to believe that this is just a temporary recovery before the market heads down again. What do they use to prove their point of view? Just that there is a world wide economic recession and the fact that it is time for real estate to decline after an eight year run.

New Condo Market Showing Life

20 May 2009

The First Quarter of the year was nothing less than a disaster for new condo sales in Toronto. But this past week, our Company is suddenly doing sales for our clients with developers again. And on one development, Realtors actually lined up like the old days!

US Home Sales Improving

28 May 2008

While our primary focus has been on the Toronto market, and particularly condo sales, the U.S. market is also starting to improve as well. The National Association of Realtors in the U.S. reported that new sales (pending) increased 3.2% in March over February (less seasonality then Canada) and were up 1% over the same month - March of 2008.