We know that most people do not pay cash for a property. They also have to borrow funds by way of a mortgage. At RE/MAX Condos Plus  we can help out, by providing a mortgage service with our real estate service - all under one roof. 

The Mortgage Centre has representatives  working out of all our offices which offers two primary advantages over a single bank represent our clients:

  1. These consultants work for the borrower, not the lender and they only get paid (not by the borrower but by the institution) when they arrange a mortgage. It is to their advantage to get you qualified - not disqualified!
  2. They have access to mortgage funds from dozens of financial institutions, meaning that they shop the market to get the best rates and terms for the borrower. In the end the borrower gets to choose what is best for him/her. All with minimum inconvenience and time.

This service is available not just for buyers but for any property owner who needs to refinance or renew their mortgage.

If you would like a confidential meeting to discuss your mortgage needs, call: 416-640-0930. To check out the latest mortgage rates, make a mortgage application, or to learn more click here.