Dash Property Management RE/MAX Condo's Plus Corporation provides a Property Management service to handle individual condominium and loft units for investors. We have a strategic alliance with DASH Property Management. Our alliance with DASH provides for pre and post property inspections, monthly reports and 24 hour service to tenants.


DASH Property Management collects the rent each month and pay any expenses required. The net amount along with a statement is mailed to clients each month. For those out-of country investors, DASH will assist you to file the necessary Government Non-Resident Tax forms (NR6) to minimize any withholding tax. We handle all maintenance and repairs through bonded contractors and are also insured. In emergency, tenants and investors can contact us by pager 24 hours a day. As well, we retain a paralegal, skilled in the new Residential Tenancy Act. 

All leasing and subleasing of units is carried out by RE/MAX Condos Plus through its licensed real estate representatives - the largest condominium broker in the Downtown core. Leasing of investor units accounts for a significant portion of our overall sales and hence you can be assured that the leasing of your unit will receive maximum attention.

For further information and fees, please contact us