agent incorporation

What is Agent Incorporation?

Agent Incorporation allows individual Brokers or teams to operate as mini brokerages/franchises of RE/MAX Condos Plus, and then subcontract a good part of the administrative duties back to our main brokerage.

Agent Incorporation is ideal for agents who want the benefits of operating as a corporation, but who want to off-load many of the administrative duties that come with operating a brokerage.

Why Should I Incorporate my Real Estate Business?

  • Tax Savings: for funds held within your corporation
  • Income Splitting: The ability to pay family members
  • Scale Your Business: Hire agents on your terms
  • Saleable Asset: A business as opposed to a database.

Am I an Ideal Candidate to Incorporate my Business?

Incorporation isn’t right for every agent. There are a few key questions you should ask yourself before considering incorporation;

  • Can you save upwards of $100k per year before tax?
  • Will you continue to sell at a high volume?
  • Is your Time horizon 10+ years?
  • Do you have a Broker's license?

If you would like to discuss agent incorporation further, please feel free to submit a form, or contact our Broker of Record, Jamie Johnston directly at 416-203-6636.