This is a common question that our Realtors' hear often. Depending on where and what you are selling the answer will vary.


If selling a house, buyers are often families so they prefer to fall in line with the school year. Listing in the Spring with a Summer closing would be considered 'traditional'. Families prefer to move during the Summer while kids are out of school.

Spring means more buyers, but it also means more listings as well. More buyers could mean a greater chance of a bidding war. However, more listings also means those buyers have more choice and will be comparing your listing to similar ones. This is something to keep in mind, especially when you're selling a condo where there could be multiple condo units for sale in your building.


Condos generally sell all year round. Buyers are more likely to be investors or families without kids so they're less reliant on the school year.  Inventory is traditionally lower in December and January. This may be a great opportunity to list a property as there will be fewer other options for buyers.

People are coming to Toronto and the GTA all the time. So, having a listing conversation with your RE/MAX Condos Plus professional, will ensure you have discussed pros & cons of listing at anytime of the year.