Yorkville Condos

Toronto Condos in Yorkville-Bloor - When Quality Counts

The Mink Mile. Toronto's Rodeo Drive. These are names coined for the Yorkville-Bloor area, Toronto's most exclusive condo neighbourhood. It's where the stars come out to play and the beautiful people mingle. The luxurious condominiums built here attract people with an eye for quality and the money to pay for it

Here you'll find one of North America's most expensive retail enclaves. Bloor Street, Yorkville, Hazelton Lanes, Cumberland Terrace: this is where the well-heeled shop for swank couturier fashions, sparkling jewellery and luxury cars. It's where the city's elite sip cappuccino and fine wine; where they dine; where they indulge themselves at decadent spas and hair salons. It's a place to see and be seen, the epitome of cosmopolitan living.